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Export, Import and Sharing

Picture Calendars can be exported, imported and shared by either Google Drive or other Apps capable of storing or sending Files.


Exports are triggered from the Current Calendar Page.

To export the current Calendar either tap on the Share or the Upload Icon in the Action Bar.

Screenshot of share and upload actions

To directly upload to Google Drive you have to be logged into Google through the G+ Login Button  on the Calendar Library Page.

Enter the Name for the Calendar Package and adjust the Image Quality, where lesser Quality means smaller Packages. The standard Version of Picture Wall Calendar only allows up to 50% Quality and a maximum Size of 400x400 Pixels, unless you purchase the HD Export Option.

Screenshot of Calendar sharing Dialog

With the HD Export Option there are two Export Modes:

Image Quality less than 100% (recommended)

Images are resized to a Maximum of 2000 x 2000 Pixels and recoded as JPEG-Images with the Quality defined. This leads to compact Picture Calendar Packages presumably most Devices can handle. It also prevents you from exporting very large Calendar Packages which cost valuable Network Traffic and Device Storage Space. A good Balance between Quality and Package Size sports an Image Quality between 70 and 80%.

Image Quality equals 100%

Images will be exported with their original Files in full Quality and Resolution. This might lead to very large Calendar Packages and high resolution Images which might be oversized for the average Android Device Screen.

Example: Exporting a Calendar with eight Megapixel Images (JPEG) and 100% Quality results in a Package Size of up to 30 Megabytes. The same Calendar exported with an Image Quality of 75% is only three to six Megabytes while the Difference in Quality on the imported Calendar is hard to impossible to detect, even on high resolution Displays like that of the Nexus 10 or the Asus Transformer Pad 701t (2500 x 1600).

Upload to Google Drive

Once the Calendar Package is created, a Background Process will upload it to Google Drive into the Folder "PictureCalendar". You'll see a Notification tracking the Upload Process. Once finished, either refresh the Calendar Library Page of Picture Wall Calendar or launch Google Drive through the Action Bar Icon in the Library Page (App or Web Browser) to check for the Upload being successful.

Calendar Library

You may have to refresh the Drive App's View to make the new Package visible, the Web Version of Drive refreshes automatically.


Calendars can be shared either by Google Drive or other Apps capable of storing, sharing and sending Files.

Share with Google Drive

Switch to the Calendar Library Page, sign in if necessary and tap on one of your Calendar Packages. Be aware that you cannot reshare Calendars which have been shared with you in the first Place. You'll have to import and export it back to Drive to share it again.

On the Popup Menu showing up tap on the Share Icon and you'll get this Dialog:

Screenshot of Google Drive sharing Dialog

Here you enter the Email Addresses of the Contacts you want to share with. This is quite similar to the Google Mail App, thus type in Names or Email Addresses and chose from the List or use the Contact Picker to select from your Contacts.

Then define whether the Calendar should only be shared with those you named explicitly (Private), be available to anyone knowing the Link (Link) or is published to everyone (Public).

Also here's your Opportunity to show the Developer of the App (me) your Calendar Creations, something I'd very much appreciate.

If you share the Calendar, all Contacts given will receive an Email with a Link to the Calendar and be able to directly download it into the Picture Wall Calendar App.

Share with an App

Once the Calendar Package is created, a Dialog will come up showing all the Apps capable of handling Files like Picture Wall Calendar Packages. Chose whichever you want to use to store, share or send the Calendar, for example your Email App.


Calendar Imports are possible in a variety of Ways. Picture Wall Calendar Widget has to be installed for this to work. Here the most important Import Procedures:

From Google Drive

Two different Ways to achieve this are possible:

Through the Picture Wall Calendar App

Change to the Calendar Library Page, sign in if necessary and tap on one of your Calendar Packages. On the now displayed Popup Menu select the Download Icon and dismiss the Confirmation Dialog. The Calendar Package will be erased from your Device after the Import.

Through the Google-Drive-App

Open the Google Drive App, navigate to the Folder containing the Calendar Packages and tap on the one of them. Three Options will come up: Picture Wall Calendar, Picture Wall Calendar (Using Google Drive) and Picture Wall Calendar (Using the Web Browser). The latter does not work for now.

With the first Option the Google Drive App will download the Package and then forward the File to Picture Wall Calendar for Import. The Package File remains on your Device after the Import.

The second Option will start the Configuration App of Picture Wall Calendar immediately and download the Package directly from Google Drive. The Calendar Package will be erased from your Device after the Import.

From a Website

Packages can be downloaded and imported directly by Picture Wall Calendar, given it is installed and you tapped on the Link with your Mobile Browser. If you want to host Calendar Packages on your own Server, make sure it knows the Mimetype "application/piccal".

From an Email Attachment

Currently supported EMail Apps: Google Mail and K9 Mail. Others may or may not work.

Tap on the Attachment and Picture Wall Calendar should come up and ask for Confirmation. Grant that and the Package will be imported.


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